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How Freelance Writing Can Help You Build a Steady Income

In the current economy, more people are creating their own jobs than ever before. Freelance workers represent 35% of the current workforce. You will agree that freelance work is now in more demand.
Let’s focus on freelance writing, for example. Blogging has becoming a leading marketing strategy for most businesses. As a result, freelance writers are now highly sought after. With the help of a few key tools, anyone can become a freelance writer.

Here are proven strategies of building a steady income from freelance writing.

Setting up an established website to showcase your portfolio is a crucial tool for branding. If you want people to buy your skills, you need to show them why you qualify. You need to show what sets you apart from your competitors and why they need to choose you.
A recent study has shown that half of US millennials ar taking part in freelance work. For any aspiring freelancer, it means that their site must be able to set them apart from other writers.

Settle on a Niche
The majority of businesses seek writers who are specialists in their field. The more specialized in your field, the more likely you are to be perceived as an expert and land high-paying clients.

If you are not sure of what your niche is, start by reviewing your hobbies, resume and previous work experience. For example, if you studied health and wellness in the college and went on to work as an assistant naturopathic doctor, you could use this information as a solid foundation for your blog post. Read more on creating your first blog post here.

According to the Freelancers Union, it is advisable to stick to a strict payment schedule. This involves thirty percent upfront, thirty percent upon completing the first draft and 40 percent upon completing the project. This way, you can get paid for part of the project even if it gets cancelled. You also get to distribute your payments evenly and budget more appropriately. To get started, start here by creating a free pay stub template.

Target Repeat Clients: The ultimate goal of freelance writing is to create stability and get better at what you do. As a matter of fact, freelancing is capable of creating more security that would require the conventional workforce. Freelancers report that by having a diverse portfolio of customers, they have created more stability as compared to having one traditional employer. To get this, find repeat clients who are not just looking for one-off jobs. Instead, seek contract-based clients that need long-term projects.

Build a Career in Freelance Writing
For anyone that feels that freelance writing could be their right fit, the only thing that could be stopping you from writing their first gig is you. Strart small, and read our best tips for productivity in freelance and get started.