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According to the management review reports for many global companies, in the current competitive environment, having a reputable business is the ultimate aim for every business, by a business being considered to be successful it needs to assure the shareholders it has the needed capability to run its functionalities. Many HR managers have over the years explained, a corporate cannot be confident that it has the best reputation in the market and thus no need to improve, there is need to constantly improve the business operations to ensure it delivers to the potential clients. For the business to get the desired results, it has been proposed by many experts for the businesses to increase their reputation is to engage with the employees to try and understand how the company can best improve its business, the employees are the backbone of the company they understand what needs to be done in the company especially if a company considering rebranding.

One of the proven features for success especially for global business who are noted to interact with a bigger customer base consulting the employees may not be the only ideal solution and there is need to hire a public relations team. Getting professional services pushes the business to the next level, the public relation teams are trained to identify to the company some of the elements that will work for the company and they help the company identify the elements they need to watch out for them to ensure there is proper representation of the business to the public. The community is noted to have power of the business functionality, over the year’s ethics have been a contentious issue that many private companies have opted to sacrifice the ethics and ensure they are able to get the desired results. Embracing the community memebers is an ideal way to ensure the company gets the best results, with a company that is noted to show brilliant ways on how to take care of the communities by advocating for ethical standards to be met captures the interests of the different stakeholders to ensure their business is beyond reproach.

A business that is capable to give back to the community is noted to always have positive reviews from the fellows, not only do the community enjoy to consume the business but are also willing to ensure they gain something extra from the company. One of the identified ways to ensure the firm delivers the requirements to the clients by simply doing the right thing allows the company to stay focused on the different wants and needs of the company, further a company that is able to have excellent customer services ensures it is capable to meet the needs of the customers and even willing to go extra miles. Finally, it is critical to highlight clients allegiance is built by the ability of the customers to feel they are well taken care of by the company, thus it is crucial for the company to ensure they are not only interested to meet the obligate responsibilities but also willing to go an extra mile.