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The Essence of Mobile Freight Marketplace

Transporting goods from one place to another can be quite cumbersome when you do not know how to go about it. However, times have changed, and today, you can get goods transit services wherever you are no matter the time. Comfreight introduces mobile freight marketplace which serves all the players in the goods transit sector by providing timely information which is necessary for decision making. Comfreight connects shippers, carriers, and brokers and thus, it facilitates easy coordination, fast transportation and reduces the overall cost of transportation.

Ordinarily, it took quite a while to get feedback from carriers when shippers asked for quotations. You realize that time wastage is costly in business and thus, the shipper would incur massive losses during the wait. With the latest technology, the response is almost instant from the comfreight website because shippers can post on the site and carriers would bid for it. You have a chance to compare and rank the bids from various carriers and select the most appropriate one. On the other hand, it was challenging for carriers to locate shippers so that they can transport the goods but nowadays, carriers can log onto the website to find shippers around their location that need transit services, and they can bid for the job. The freight industry also has brokers whose work is to find the right services for shippers, and this platform also facilitates their work as it is easy to locate shippers within their surroundings.

The benefits of mobile freight marketplace cut across all participants. As a shipper, once you have seen the most favorable bid, you can award the bid from your device. The carrier or broker gets the notification, and you are ready to do business. Additionally, it allows you to manage multiple loads and get instant notification when they arrive at the destination. The more you deal with carriers and brokers; you get to learn a lot of information about them such that you can rate them depending on reliability. Carriers that deal in car transportation can find useful information about shippers by checking load boards for car haulers. You will also have updates on the lane rate trends on invoices. You will use haul pay factoring to request payment once you have delivered it and it has been approved. No more delayed payments which were common initially.

The safety of your goods is crucial during transportation, and when choosing the best bid, you must ensure that the carrier has the right measures to guarantee safe transportation of property. Get adequate information about the carrier or broker before you make any commitment. As you can see here, comfreight provides the solution to numerous challenges that bedevil most people when looking for freight services.